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 Why ELUCIDATE is the answer                                                    


“To design the most energy efficient, zero carbon industrial buildings and negate the requirements for renewable energy on the building, in a cost effective way.”


Elucidate is a solution that scores in all aspects.


The principle is simple in essence and even more simple in execution. Elucidate is a design and construction method that creates an energy efficient envelope that dramatically reduces energy consumption removing the need for expensive renewable energy installations. When compared to a similar structure utilising a renewable energy resource the build costs for an Elucidate building are comparable!


To match the performance of a 20,000sqft Elucidate E.P.C. ‘A’ rated building you would require FOUR 15m diameter wind turbines costing approx £50k each.


Elucidate achieves this by utilising: 
                  - Easily available building materials
                                                    - Every day building skills
                                                                                - No specialist tools 

Elucidate is a proven principle that has achieved formal planning approval as a workable alternative to renewable sources on site. It is a solution to the carbon emissions issue related to new construction of commercial and industrial premises.



If you require any further information on ELUCIDATE then please contact The DCM Partnership Ltd on 01604 239898, or, e-mail for a brochure at: dcm@thedcmp.com