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New strategies for changing laws

In the current financial climate and in the face of evolving legislation, it is important that the design team understand the implications of changing laws and adapt proposals to suit.

The new National Planning Policy Framework has changed the manner in which planning applications are compiled for submission and considered by Local Planning Authorities. Emphasis has been placed on growth and the sustainable design with an increasing search for energy conservation, both in the construction process and in building use. Early negotiation with planners is being encouraged with a presumption in favour of development that satisfies the planning criteria, conformity with Local Plans and particularly sustainability.

Economic forces are creating a need for innovative design to produce efficient buildings to suit the occupiers needs whilst minimising rents and maximising profit for developers. Early development of financial appraisals is becoming imperative and the satisfaction of cost targets essential to the success of projects.

Part of the process is accurate programming and the completion of projects on time with constant cost monitoring and control such that the project is completed within the initial targets, there are no surprises and all parties are satisfied with the outcome, be they clients, occupiers, designers, contractors or approving authorities.

Changes in laws and regulations have to be closely monitored and consultation with experts and consultants regularly carried out to ensure that any scheme complies with the rules in an ever changing world.